Group of Several after Art and dinnerThere is a committed group of people with whom I regularly see at the Orillia Museum of Art and History (OMAH) during Life Drawing sessions. We occasionally also get together to draw and paint and to socialize in a Library space or at a member’s home or cottage.

This week of sun and summer found us at a farm north of Orillia where the apples and grapes were ample and hanging low on the trees and vines. Inspiring views and subject captured our interest and quiet time prevailed as another sketch book page or canvas was filled.

The thing about artists is that they appreciate being surrounded by beautiful things. This day which included the healthy orchard of fruit for the picking, sparkly blue sky, walls of fabulous art, a handsome dry stone wall, flocks of Sandhill Cranes calling as they gather, wonderful food both delicious and eye catching and the camaraderie of fellow artists, to name just a few did not disappoint.

This ‘Group of Several’ member (unofficial status) relished this day as it filled my inspiration cup throughout during a stunning day of sunshine and warmth. I also filled several Apples and Grapes gathered at Doug's Orchardbaskets and bags with fruit that are soon to be processed and took pictures for future reference;  providing several avenues to enjoy this day yet again. The delights of being an artist… so blessed.

Photos: The Group of Several between courses for a walk down the path to view the flock of cranes feeding in the fields. My subject – a Liberty Apple Tree laden with lovely reds. My plein air version of the same.

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Click Here if you would like more information about ‘Liberty Red Sentry’ or ‘Soon to be Apple Jelly’

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