My Young Living EO order came a couple of days ago after waiting only a week plus 2 days in this crazy busy time.

Young Living Essential Rewards Order March'20 Clean Hands and Cough and Cold Set
I took advantage of the Thieves Clean Hands kit of Thieves foam hand soap refill, Thieves foaming hand soap with dispenser and Thieves surface spray (germs be gone!) to aid with all of the hand washing and surface cleaning that is taking place these days; as well as the Cough and Cold Set of 4 oils/oil blends of Eucalypus Globulous, Lemon, RC, Thieves ; to have on hand for blasting cold germs and soothing action when not feeling up to par.

The Shutran Shave Cream is for my husband who has a beard (very long right now) but he shaves his cheeks and loves it! I use Deep Relief EO often to help ease arthritic pain in my knee and am excited to try the healing effects of the rose ointment!

The three oils on the left Lemongrass, Northern Lights Black Spruce and Lavender were free promos for my 191.50 PV ER order for March.

What a Young Living wellness punch this order is❣ and it was all delivered safely to my door.
Would you like to get on the wellness train with Young Living? There are hundreds of products to try for self/personal care, home care and cleaning and even groceries! Contact me to learn more😊

— at  Be Herd Communications.


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