Although I did not know much about essential oils when I first joined in 2015 I was impressed with the quality of the products that Young Living offered. A pocket reference guide helped me to understand the properties and uses of single oils and oil blends and so I was able to utilize the 11 oils/blends found in the Premium Starter Kit.

I found so many uses for everyday living of these natural and pure oils that aided in sleep, skin health as well as pain and digestive issues and included oils and products useful for cleaning and purification. I soon realized that Young Living embraces a rigorous quality control standard to help ensure their products meet strict specifications.

With more than 20 years of research and experience, Young Living has perfected their proprietary Seed to Seal standard to ensure that their essential oils are the finest available. This dedication to excellence is what makes these essential oils stand out from the rest and what makes a noticeable quality difference you can experience with every bottle.

This standard means that from the seeds planted and botanicals grown, nurtured and harvested, steamed distilled or cold pressed, bottled and distributed; these essential oils are produced ethically and without the addition of harmful chemicals. The products are stringently tested and those that do not measure up are used as cleaners, for natural pest control and as fertilizers. The farms can be visited so that we can see 1st hand how Young Living produces their essential oils, from start to finish.

Young Living University Seed to Seal 5 standardsThis Seed to Seal set of standards helps ensure that with every pure essential oil and Young Living product utilized, we all enjoy the benefits of their global resources (Proprietary/partner farms), industry leadership, and over two decades of innovation.

I have confidence in Young Living essential oils and products and I now use far more than the original products I found in the Premium Starter Kit. They are an important addition to my lifestyle and healthy living choices.

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